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About us

Guangzhou Topun Computer Co., Ltd, established in 1991, was one of the earliest companies that has been specializing in manufacturing and trading of computer accessories and consuming electronic products. Among all of our customers, 40% of them have been working with us for more than 10 years. In the past years, Topun has gained more important clients through introducing new products to North America and Europe. Meanwhile, we also obtained rapid growth in Russian, Indian and South American markets. In 2010, Topun’s annual turnover reached US$18 million. The annual growth is by 30% year on year.


In recent years, Topun’s main growth comes from protective covers/cases of eReader, Smart Phones and Tablet PC. Most of our customers are major suppliers of covers/cases for some famous brand electronic products like Pocketbook, Nook, Kobo, Kindle (eReaders), Samsung and Apple (Tablet PC and Smart Phone). The annual purchase capacity of customers in the areas of EU,Russia,North Americais above 150,000pcs individually. Through our customers, most of our covers/cases are sold in the exclusive stores of Apple and Samsung, also some big markets like Fry's?Media markt?Saturn?El Corte Inglés . Some of our products are also sold in the Luxury Goods’ Store inChinaand EU. Topun’s core competence will be showed from the following points:

> Raw Material Purchase

Topun has directly established the business relationships with major suppliers of PVC, PU, Microfiber and leather, which enables Topun to get the first-hand price, newest materials in different texture and color.

> Design & Development

Topun is able to design and develop all covers/cases independently, including item style, color, ID and MD of metal & plastic part.

> Cost & Quality control

In the respect of production and quality control, we always consider lowest waste of raw material when we are designing new products.

> 100% on-time delivery

All suppliers offer top priority to Topun when it comes to production schedule arrangement so that the time for Topun waiting for production is shortened by 50% and 100% of the orders can be produced at one time.